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The ManFisher is a partly open world 3d adventure with survival elements. Like a classic PC game are there a quite some keys and mechanics you should learn and understand, so that you won’t die too quickly and your playing experience is up to the max.

Let us start with some of the default & special keys (you’re able to change those in the options menu):


[ESC] : Pause / Exit / Close


[W] : Forward
[A] : Strafe Left
[S] : Strafe Right
[D] : Backward

[X] : Toggle Walk / Sprint
[L SHIFT] : Sprint (hold)

[SPACE] : Jump

[C] : Toggle Walk / Crouch / Prone
[L CTRL] : Crouch

[,] : Turn Left
[.] : Turn Right


[E] : Get in/out
[F] : Turn on/off engine (ignition)

[K] : Toggle return-to-center (auto)

[SPACE] : Break

[X] : Flip vehicle (if stuck)


[R MOUSE] : 1st person view mode (hold)
[ENTER] : Toggle 1st / 3rd Person view

[Q] : Toggle Centered / Over-the-shoulder view
[Z] : Zoom
[V] : Vanity view (Free look)


[E] : Pick up / Use / Get in & out / Talk
[F] : Interact

[P] : Pray (again to interrupt)

[B] : Bible (open Bible HUD)
[BACKSPACE] : Audio Bible Play / Stop

[1] : Use 1st gear
[2] : Use 2nd gear (etc.)
[0] : Store gear
[T] : Throw gear

[L] : Flashlight (if you have)
[M] : Map


[TAB] : Open/Close Inventory

[L MOUSE] Single: Show info
[L MOUSE] Double: Use item
[R MOUSE] Single: Remove item

[F1] : Use item w/t quick key
[F2] : Use item w/t quick key


[O] : Show main objective
[H] : Toggle message HUD
[I] : Toggle health HUD
[R] : Toggle radar HUD
[K] : Toggle compass


Note that not all option changes may be applied until you restart the level!

[U] : Restore all HUDs to default

[ALT] + [G] : Graphics options
[ALT] + [A] : Audio options
[ALT] + [C] : Controls
[ALT] + [K] : Keys


[~] : Open Console
[ALT] + [M] : Toggle Metrics
[ALT] + [P] : Screenshot (game folder)

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In the next post are we going to explain the health mechanics.

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