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The ManFisher is a partly open world 3d adventure with survival elements. Like a classic PC game are there a quite some keys and mechanics you should learn and understand, so that you won’t die too quickly and your playing experience is up to the max.

In this post we’re going to explain the health mechanics, how they work and what to do to stay healthy.

Health HUD

The health HUD is positioned on the right top of the screen and you can toggle it with the key [I] - (Check out: how2play | #1 KEYS )

The color indicates the status of a particular mechanic as follow:







General health

Shows how healthy you are in general. It may go down for various reasons: starvation, dehydration, wounds or shock. When it turns red you’re almost dead. Depending on the issue, you can restore your health with medical kits, food & drinks and sometimes prayer.


Shows your bodily strength & energy. When it is full you’re able to run longer. If it runs low you’re unable to run. Resting will restore stamina, certain food & drinks may speed that up.


Shows the oxygen level in the blood. It will go down when for example being under water for some time. In the alpha build it’s disabled however, so no need to be concerned about that for the time being.


Shows the amount of food & drinks in the stomach. When it’s empty (red) you really should be looking for food. No need to explain the importance of nutrition ;-)


Shows how hydrated you are (body water). If this runs low you may die pretty quick. Restore by drinking fluids or consume foods with enough water contents.

Blood sugar

Blood sugar levels are directly related to nutrition (food & certain drinks). If it runs low you probably didn’t eat enough over a period of time. It is directly related to stamina as well. When it’s to low you will faint and die.

Blood level

Indicates the amount of blood in the body. When this goes down there is a serious problem like a wound of some sort. Stop bleeding with medical kits and restore blood levels with certain foods (especially with high proteins and micro nutrients)

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